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Karsten Ley

Introduction by Karsten Ley

Michael Jansen

Center and Periphery: Further thoughts regarding a socio-political cultural model, Prof. Dr. Michael Jansen

Maurizio Tosi

The great silk road by Maurizio Tosi

Roland Besenval †

Balugistan by Roland Besenval

Asko Parpola

Harrapan Ideology by Asko Parpola

Rashmi Mani

Indus/Harappan Civilization: Some considerations and future prospects by Buddha Rashmi Mani

Benjamin Mutin

In the western periphery before the Indus Civilization by Benjamin Mutin

Karl Lamberg-Karlovski

Diskussion with Karl Lamberg-Karlovski

Rasia Sultana Khan

Shah Shuja Lahore by Rasia Sultana Khan

Harald Hauptmann

Gilgit-Baltistan by Harald Hauptmann

Dennys Frenez

Beyond Meluhha by Dennys Frenez

Rita Wright

Urbanism, ecology and climatic factors by Rita Wright

Michael Jansen/Gustaf Mossakowski

Mohenjo Daro Photographic Databank by Prof. Dr. Michael Jansen/Gustaf Mossakowski

Prof. Dr. Michael Jansen

Center and Periphery: A Time-Space Relation

Center and Periphery: A Time-Space Relation

List of Participants

  1. Ashraf Khan, Muhammad – Taxila/Islamabad
  2. Besenval, Roland †– Kabul/Paris
  3. Didier, Aurore – Paris
  4. Frenez, Dennys – Bologna
  5. Han, Junhi – Paris
  6. Hauptmann, Harald – Heidelberg
  7. Hauptmann-Hamza, Salwa – Heidelberg
  8. Kakar, Fazal Dad – Islamabad
  9. Klinner, Theo – Karachi
  10. Lamberg-Karlovski, Karl – Harvard/Cambridge MA
  11. Lamberg-Karlovski, Martha – Harvard/Cambridge MA
  12. Mani, Buddha Rashmi – Delhi
  13. Meadow, Richard H. – Harvard/Cambridge MA
  14. Mutin, Benjamin – Cambridge MA/Paris
  15. Parpola, Asko – Helsinki
  16. Razia, Sultana – Islamabad
  17. Shim, Hye-seung – Paris
  18. Tosi, Maurizio – Bologna/Ravenna
  19. Wright, Rita – New York NY

From RWTH:

  1. Jansen, Michael
  2. Ley, Karsten – Aachen
  3. Liehner, Michaela – Aachen
  4. Mossakowski, Gustaf – Aachen
  5. Toubekis, Georgios – Aachen

This publication consists of a video series including lectures and discussion of an international workshop held at RWTH Aachen University. The workshop took place from 8-11 July 2012 at the Faculty of Architecture at RWTH Aachen. Edited by Dr. Prof. Michael Jansen and Dr. Karsten Ley, this series was published within the series of “Wissenschaftliche Schriften an der Fakultät der Architektur der RWTH Aachen”, Bd. 11

We are thankful to the sponsors of this workshop

  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
  • Freunde des Reiff e.V.
  • RWTH Aachen University, Department History of Urbanization

Our thanks go to:

  • The Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Prof. Dr. Martin Trautz
  • Freunde des Reiff Publikationen
  • RWTH Aachen University, Department History of Urbanization in particular Georgius Toubekis, Martin Hamburg, Simon Adenauer, Luca Liehner and Alexander Strack

For this digital documentation:

  • The copyright of the individual photos/maps lies with the authors.
  • The copyright of the design with Luca Liehner and Christophe Janssen.

© FdR (Freunde des Reiff e.V.) – Aachen 2013
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